Camilla Sparksss

music video

Music video for the single "You Are Awesome"

On the camper Records  2013


*Awarded best Swiss Music Video, Solothurn Film Festival 2014

Micah Gaugh

video trailer

Album release trailer for "The Blue Fairy Mermaid Princess" released for Africantape 2013

Miriam Vile

product advertising

Web based advertising for the series "Guitar necklaces"

by Miriam Vile

Day off

photography by Barbara Lehnhoff

"Day off" is a series of 120 x 180 cm blow up prints on cotton paper of 5 photocopies taken during a tour in France in 2012 with my band Peter Kernel. The series was exhibited during the 2012 Biennale della Fotografia in Chiasso, Switzerland.

For a more detailed project layout please see:​

Day off

120 x 180 cm, cotton paper

Julien Fernandez 

tour manager

Day off

​120 x 180 cm, cotton paper

Aris Bassetti ​

singer, guitarist​

Day off

​120 x 180 cm, cotton paper

Miriam Avelli

merchandise girl​

Day off

​120 x 180 cm, cotton paper

Barbara Lehnhoff

singer, bassist

Day off

​120 x 180 cm, cotton paper

Grégoire Quartier ​


© 2013 Barbara Lehnhoff

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